Express Pallet Collection Inc. is a family-owned business and one of the biggest wood pallets suppliers in BC. We have been providing quality wood pallets to the businesses in the  Lower mainland and Vancouver area for the past 3 years.


Our  warehouses are located in Surrey and we can provide standard #1, #2, custom made and recycled wood Pallets on a short notice.



Our company's focus is on providing a good quality pallets and meeting the high demands of constant pallet supply to our business partners. We accomplish this by using technology, maintaining inventories, experienced workers and managing our own fleet of trucks.


our inventory


Following pallets sizes are always available in stock at our warehouses, ready to be shipped for your business needs:


40″ X 48″ – 4-ways (#1 Quality, which has no blocks nailed to repair the stringers)

40″ X 48″ – 4-ways (#2 Quality, which has blocks nailed to repair the stringers)

40″ X 48″ – 2-ways

48″ X 48″ – 2-ways

40″ X 48″ – 4-ways Block Pallets



Recycling is the most Eco-friendly way to dispose of unwanted wood pallets, so choose the environmentally friendly route and have your old wood pallets recycled by contacting us. We do our best to stop any pallets from ending up in landfills.


​WHY choose Express Pallet Collection?


  • We offer a very fast & reliable service

  • We can provide a sample of the pallet before you order.

  • We hold a massive stock of standard pallet sizes.

  • We always aim to be competitive.

  • We provide the best customer service.


For more details about our products, visit our products section.