Custom Size Pallets


We design and manufacture custom size pallets as per the requirements of the businesses.


In addition to the modest sizing (for example, 34″ X 34″), we also manufacture the largest of pallets (for example, 6′ X 26′) and the smallest of pallets (for example, 1′ X 2′). We build pallets from different kinds of wood.


Genereally we build economical pallets from pine wood, however depedning upon the client's requirements our team can design and make long-lasting hard-wood pallets too.

Recycled Pallets


Recycled Pallets save trees and save you money! We offer various sizes of recycled pallets:


40″ X 48″ – 4-ways (#1 Quality, which has no blocks nailed to repair the stringers)

40″ X 48″ – 4-ways (#2 Quality, which has blocks nailed to repair the stringers)

40″ X 48″ – 2-ways

48″ X 48″ – 2-ways

40″ X 48″ – 4-ways Block Pallets


If you don’t know the best way to get rid of used pallets, Express Pallet Collection Inc. can help you. We will pay you to let us pick up your used pallets. We take large quantities only via truckload full. When you need pallet removal in the lower mainland area, call us and we will not only remove your pallets but also recycle them. This is a great way to make some money while keeping the environment clean Express Pallet Inc. is able to remanufacture used pallets into new and reliable pallets for our customers to buy. If you’re interested in used pallets removal or supply, contact us today.


PalletS Removal Process


If you want Express Pallet Collection Inc. to recycle your used pallets, just contact us by phone or email. We will negotiate a price and will arrange a time to pick up your used pallets. This is a simple and easy way for you to recycle pallets that are using up your storage space or that are cluttering your yard.


Recycling & Remanufacturing


After we pick them up, your used pallets go through a sorting system back, and they are categorized as good, or recyclable. From there, good pallets are repaired and made ready for resale. Pallets that are deemed as recyclable are recycled. 


Resell Pallets


Once the recycling and remanufacturing processes are complete, we resell these new products. Customers can order premade pallets or custom pallets that are made completely remanufactured for the cheapest cost. We also offer businesses half new and half remanufactured pallets or entirely new pallets depending on each company’s needs, budget, product type, and weight.


Protect the Environment, One Pallet at a Time


If you want to help protect the environment in even a small way, and would like to make a bit of cash while doing so, contact Express Pallet Collection Inc. We will come to you, pick up your pallets by the truckload, and recycle your pallets into new products that can be bought by other environmental aware businesses.